Which plan is right for you?

MyLifeID offers you different levels for online and hybrid (online and portable) plans.  See the below comparison chart and sign up today!

Online Access Yes Yes Yes
Participants 1 4 1
Pocket Cloud™ Add-On Add-On 1
32GB Storage Yes Per Person Yes
Support Yes Yes Yes
Language Support Yes Yes Yes
Health Data Yes Yes Yes
Fitness Data Yes Yes Yes
Legal Data Yes Yes Yes
Access Controls Yes Yes Yes
Medical Travel Yes Yes Yes
Leisure Travel Yes Yes Yes
Educational Assistance Yes Yes Yes
Subscription Yearly Yearly Yearly
Billing Monthly Monthly Monthly
Price $4.95 $9.95 $14.95
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now

Platinum Add-on: You can add the MyLifeID Pocket Cloud™ device to your Bronze or Silver package for some or all of those who are subscribed.*  Perhaps you have the Silver subscription for your entire family, but one member of your household travels for business. You could add 1 Platinum Add-on for just that person or add as many as you need for the whole family.

* You must select a plan and click purchase before you can choose the Platinum Add-on option.