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The Mission of MyLifeID is to empower people to take an active role in their healthcare while reducing medical errors often caused due to a lack of record accessibility.

People can share their patient records with anyone at any time to facilitate more accurate diagnosis, enable members of the medical community to make better decisions and improve the overall care while minimizing costs and removing duplicate, often expensive delays.

The medical community can more accurately comprehend, coordinate and treat you.

You may reduce deductibles, copays and out-of-pocket expenses.

You can seek healthcare anywhere, at any time for any reason throughout the world, even in different languages.

Provide different levels of access for First Responders in an emergency, your physicians, your family and emergency contacts.

You can reduce appointment delays by sharing record information faster through MyLifeID than through the traditional record request process.

You can add notes, comment on possible errors and add additional health, legal, medical and other information all with a full auditable trail.

Store x-rays, EKG’s sonograms and images, audio and other file types.

Be in control of your medical records loading them on the MyLifeID Pocket Cloud and making them available faster than any other similar product.

Be comforted that your records can be accessed in nearly any event with or without Internet connectivity, for tele-health, while traveling, in natural disasters, power outages or other unforeseen events.

 MyLifeID…the little card that gives you BIG peace of mind!

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