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MyLifeID offers a variety of products and services through its benefit program.  Below you will find a summary of them. MyLifeID continues to add more to its program as well so check back for updates periodically. Once you become a participant in the program, you will be automatically notified of new benefits and how to use them.


MyLifeID specializes in health information and as part of that, we bring together a variety of related healthcare services which you may need but are not always able to easily access through other programs.  Some of these services include tele-medics who are highly specialized for specific health concerns as compared to the general tele-medic solution that most others offer.  We also have partners for home care assistance. In the event you need temporary assistance caring for a parent, child or spouse and having someone to help shop for you or clean, apply certain treatments, etc. would help, we will help you find the right person. MyLifeID can help you find and secure trained personnel 24/7 when you need it.

MyLifeID also has relations which can allow you to receive discounts on medical supplies, information and assistance for things like wheelchair repair, hearing aid replacement, etc. …and of course, MyLifeID helps you to aggregate all your healthcare and lifestyle information into one secure accessible solution so you are prepared for any healthcare event whether scheduled or unforeseen.

 Join our program and learn more about the added benefits from MyLifeID!


As a participant in MyLifeID’s benefit Program you have access to both leisure and medical travel. These options include everything you can possibly consider including door-to door service, personal shoppers, companions to and from doctors, and more. 

Medical travel options include global destinations for everything from body augmentation to beauty care, special types of surgeries, dental work and many other treatments which can save you money while still receiving the expert healthcare you deserve. Many doctors in other cities, states and countries are trained here in the US or at premier hospitals around the world and MyLifeID can help you access that talent for your treatments.

Leisure travel is also available with the same special assistance whether we create a custom itinerary for you, book a group tour, cruise or hotel stay.  MyLifeID has vast experience booking trips to nearly every country in the world with interpreters, tour guides, exclusive activities like cooking schools, volunteer projects, safaris, private tours of the Sistine Chapel and more all at great pricing.  We also have special experience assisting those with special needs, challenges and preferences enabling people to visit places others say you cannot go.

Join our program and enjoy traveling. It’s as good for your mind as it is for your body!

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