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MyLifeID is similar to insurance in that it is there, ready and waiting to help you before you even know you need it.

  • It’s there to help you in an emergency.
  • It’s there to help you in an accident.
  • It’s there to give you confidence.
  • It’s there in case you want it.

Doctors typically have only the records generated by visits to their office.  If you brought them records from other doctors, they may have added them to their files as well, but that’s it!  Most doctors, even if they are in the same health network do not exchange your records with each other. In fact, regulations like HIPAA prevent them from doing so without your approval. This means the likelihood that a doctor has all the information they want is highly doubtful.

Additionally, many health networks dictate how much information is made accessible to a doctor and how long the records are available due to storage costs and capacity limitations. MyLifeID aggregates all your medical records, health data and addresses all of this as it puts the power of sharing your medical information in your hands. Share your data with them in their office, via telehealth or give them temporary access via the internet in advance so they can review prior to your appointment.

Accessing and assembling your medical records is often slow and incomplete. Older records or even recent ones from doctors who retire, hospitals that close, clinics that merge may make your records difficult to attain and they may even be lost or go temporarily missing. Additionally, many medical systems only store records for a few years, move them to archives or delete them due to their storage costs or capacity limitations.  Don’t leave it up to others to protect your medical information when MyLifeID can store it all and put it under your control.

In an emergency, First Responders perform miraculous work to save as many people as possible. Increasing their odds of helping you by having the information they need readily available is crucial, especially if your injury is severe.  Even health issues such as Influenza, bacterial, viral infections or other disorders can be complicated depending on your health. The impact to other areas of your health can go unnoticed or may not be considered by doctors if they are unaware. All of these increase the risk of misdiagnosis, mistreatment and medical errors. Don’t take that risk! The quality of your health and life is impacted by the availability of your medical records to your physicians.

Doctors and other members of the medical community are responsible for diagnosing and treating ailments. The responsibility for data integrity while important is a task outside their expertise. MyLifeID is an expert in healthcare information that not only pulls together information from a variety of sources, but we organize, standardize and make it usable to the medical community.  Other solutions simply take your records, scan and load them on to an unsecure USB or mobile app, MyLifeID actually assembles your health information into a searchable, usable secure format that quickly gives meaning to them for the medical community. Having your records on a USB drive that you can share does not solve the problems of healthcare information…MyLifeID does!

MyLifeID is a monthly subscription service which includes support, upgrades and enhancements.  You have the option to choose between an individual or family plan and to determine if you want online or hybrid access. See the Plans page for more details. Plans are available through direct subscription on, through participating associations, memberships, employee benefit programs and others.

MyLifeID offers online access via its mobile optimized website but for best performance and the greatest level of protection and versatility, we recommend you select the Hybrid option which includes the proprietary MyLifeID Pocket Cloud device. Mobile phones are not secure and are often unusable in many circumstances. Even with 5G, mobile service is not always enabled or available even in major cities where building owners choose to restrict access for security or money-making reasons.  Furthermore, the size of medical records can be significant once you add x-rays, EKG’s and all the image, sound and other file types included in your record. Additionally, more than 20% of the US population and 40% of the world’s population do not have smartphones even though they may have cellphones. The MyLifeID Pocket Cloud is a credit card size device that you put right behind your identification so in the event of an emergency, first responders can grab it at the same time they look for blood type, DNR and other critical information.  Mobile phones are often not easily accessible or unlocked to them.

The MyLifeID Pocket Cloud is a credit card device which has separate data storage areas. One area stores basic emergency information that first responders need and does not require a password for them to access. The second partition is a secure partition that stores your entire medical record, can only be written to by MyLifeID so it cannot be corrupted or infected and is also blocked from being copied. The Pocket Cloud also comes with its own application that does not require installation for anyone to use it making it the fastest, easiest and most versatile solution of its type. It even stores your records in up to 5 languages making it usable worldwide. See the Product Overview for more details on the Pocket Cloud device.

Just have your doctors plug in the MyLifeID Pocket Cloud™ or go to the website. They will be presented with two options. Option 1 provides them with immediate access to emergency data such as allergies, prescriptions, blood type, alternate contacts and more. Option 2 requires them to enter a password. Upon accessing, they will be presented with options to search for the key information they seek or to go to that particular section of your health record where all information is displayed along with the source.  Generate printouts or save PDF files to your computer if you want.

When you are done with the appointment, there are several options to update the MyLifeID solution:

  • Upload the information directly into MyLifeID via our API
  • Enter the information directly into the system
  • Upload a scan or the record from your doctor
  • Import and export file from your doctor which MyLifeID will merge into your record

MyLifeID’s Pocket Cloud and website applications work exactly the same and can be used by anyone who knows how to use a web browser. No installation of any kind is necessary so it will work anywhere thee is a USB port or internet access. It even supports multiple languages and includes legal, medical, health, fitness and other important information.

MyLifeID supports a variety of methods to load your information:

MyLifeID provides technology that doctors, clinics, hospitals and other medical organizations can use to directly exchange data

You can directly upload scans of documents you attain from your doctors

You can import electronic exports from a variety of medical systems including images, x-rays etc. directly into the system

You or your doctor can directly enter information into your MyLifeID

MyLifeID enables you to read all the information regardless of the source. Unlike other solutions, MyLifeID will tell you where the information came from and when you add or edit, it will create an audit trail so the medical community can also see the source of all information. This is important because without an audit trail, many doctors will not use your data because they do not know how authentic and trustworthy the information is.

MyLifeID’s Access Control system enables you to create separate access rules for anyone.  Grant your spouse or partner full access to your records. Give the school infirmary access to your child’s record. Grant access to a doctor in advance of your appointment or maintain access of your elderly parents.  The Access Control module allows you to grant access for a dedicated period of time or indefinitely and validates the user recording where, when and who accessed your records with a full audit trail or your security. 

MyLifeID’s Pocket Cloud is proprietary and cannot be infected by a computer or other device. In the event you lose it, you can simply contact support and we will trigger a process so the next time anyone tries to access the Pocket Cloud, it will self-destroy your data. Get your replacement Pocket Cloud, validate who you are an reload the device at your convenience. All backups of data are kept in our cloud so you do not have to worry about copies on your computer that may not be secure.

MyLifeID is compliant with many privacy and health regulations around the world such as ADA, GINA, HIPAA, GDPR, IPA, CCPA and more.

MyLifeID secures your record with the most advanced and proprietary security on the market. Generic USB devices can be easily copied giving hackers unlimited time to access your data. MyLifeID has copy-inhibiting software and with the self-destroy method limits the time and availability for anyone to steal your data. Unlike other solutions who leave it up to you to protect your data backups on your own computer, MyLifeID has a multi-tiered level of security to protect your information, is less susceptible to ransomware, and is retrievable even if your computer breaks, operating system corrupts or you get a virus.

MyLifeID requires a password which is encrypted and protected by the latest security measures before your records can be accessed.  MyLifeID maintains a full audit log of all access attempts for your own review and requires that anyone you give access to has their own unique password. 

MyLifeID supports approximately 100 languages. At any time, you can have your records in up to 5 languages available via the MyLifeID website and your Pocket Cloud giving you the most comfort when you travel over any other solution worldwide.

No. MyLifeID is easy to use, requires no training and no installation of software making it fast and effective. It provides you with a comprehensive patient profile where your doctor can easily search the entire record for keywords, and it navigates like a website. Your doctor can access data and have complete comfort knowing where, when and from whom the data originated so it can be trusted.

MyLifeID can certainly be used as a medical record system, but it’s meant to augment and enhance your doctor’s record system to give them more access to your complete medical history and can work with nearly any system anywhere in any language. If you travel for work or leisure, migrate seasonally or are on the go often, it is a great product for you to use in order to be in better communication with all of your doctors whose systems don’t typically talk to each other. 

MyLifeID provides you with the comfort to know that if you are away from home, you have your medical information to replace prescriptions, seek healthcare wherever you are (even in other languages) and to receive healthcare in line with your current treatments. Additionally, MyLifeID:


  • Provides access to your Comprehensive Patient Profile even in an emergency
  • Stores a longer history of your medical information
  • Enables your doctor to determine deterioration rates more accurately
  • Provides background for root cause determination of some conditions
  • Provides insight through the inclusion of hereditary information
  • Removes you from having to rely on your memory.
  • Empowers better communication between you and all of your doctors for better coordination of your healthcare
  • Reduces the risk of medical errors, unnecessary visits, duplicate tests and redundant procedures

MyLifeID supports your ability to keep a dietary log, several fitness logs and notes on your health.  Additionally, you can upload legal documents such as a will, a Medical Proxy, proof of guardianship, Power of Attorneys, copies of your donor information and more.

MyLifeID is based on common general-purpose technology which means it is compatible with all current technology and evolves as technology evolves.  Since it contains its own applications which do not need installed, it works on nearly any system worldwide and is the most versatile solution on the market.

MyLifeID’s health and wellness program is unique in that it augments other programs with a set of benefits and services not contained in other programs.


MyLifeID knows that mental and fiscal health is important to good physical health which is why we also include in our group programs:


Medical and leisure travel discounts

Educational assistance with attending school, attaining scholarships and dealing with student loans


MyLifeID may also reduce duplicate tests, accelerate your ability to see your doctor quicker and reduce sick time, copays and out-of-pocket expenses.

MyLifeID solves the problem of medical record access and interoperability which has plagued the healthcare industry since its inception.  Making more information easily accessible under any scenario anywhere, any time with or without the internet provides the medical community with an increased opportunity to improve healthcare, reduce costs and keep patients happier.

Tell them MyLifeID devices are specifically designed and locked with proprietary security that prevents any other computer or software from writing to it, so it is always secure, virus free and safe to plug in.

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