User Examples

MyLifeID can aid you in all kinds of situations. Below are examples of real scenarios where having the MyLifeID online account or pocket cloud can help.

Ken is driving from Atlanta to Las Vegas. As he crosses into Texas, he starts to feel ill and calls home to tell his wife.  Knowing Ken won’t go to a doctor willingly, she calls a doctor in the next town over, sends the him a link to Ken’s MyLifeID records and tells Ken to get his you know what to the doctor. Ken walks in, the doctor has already reviewed his medical history, and Ken gets seen quickly. He picks up medicine and is feeling better, continuing to his destination with minimal downtime. All because of the MyLifeID and its capabilities.

Oliver shows up for a first Chiropractic visit and completes the patient intake form. The Chiropractor starts treatment according to Oliver’s concern. A pop sound occurs, and the doctor stands back and reaches for the intake form. “You didn’t tell me you had broken your lower left rib.” “I forgot; it was so long ago,” says Oliver, now in pain.  Oliver now must endure a complete exploratory as the doctor validates the intake form and it take a lot longer to help Oliver. If he had MyLifeID, which can retain decades of records, it could have saved him the additional pain and expense of the longer exam. As the doctor, you could save time and ensure your treatments are more beneficial to your patients.

Ryan has a client that comes in saying her shoulder is all knotted up and she wants him to focus on it.  Sven doesn’t know that his client had shoulder surgery 3 months ago and starts. Ouch! his client says, and Ryan is confused. Oh, I forgot to tell you I had shoulder surgery, sorry.  Ryan hands his client a MyLifeID brochure and then begins questioning his client to find out what else might be an issue. Too bad his client didn’t have the MyLifeID so Ryan could give a good massage for the entire hour.

Dasha works for an airline and flies internationally on 5-day cycles. Each airport she stops in is in a different country with a different language.  One flight has lots of turbulence and a passenger didn’t properly close the overhead which came down and knocked her in the head. Now she needs to see a doctor who wants to know her medical history. Luckily, she has her MyLifeID which carries her medical records in multiple languages. The doctor quickly reviews Dasha’s history and gives her a prescription that works both for her head and her job so she can return home safely.

Eduardo and Rita are retired and are finally taking that trip to Asia, (6 countries in 14 days) They received their shots but are concerned about all the different environments they will be in. They are having a great time but something they ate doesn’t agree with Eduardo and now they need to go to a hospital. Luckily, Rita has MyLifeID for both of them and decided to have their medical records translated into several languages just in case.

She gives the nurse the MyLifeID card, who plugs it in to the USB drive of the computer at the nurse’s station and accesses Eduardo’s history. The on-site medical professionals can quickly assess the situation and effectively treat him. As a result, Eduardo and Rita are back at their hotel enjoying a glass of wine not having to have waited long for treatment since they had their records with them and translated on the MyLifeID.     

Faisal lives in Qatar. He went to his doctor and had some blood tests that produced concerning results. His doctors are working to determine the cause, but Faisal knows there is better care elsewhere and wants to travel to another country. He calls the hospital in that country and they immediately tell him they do not read Arabic and the faxed copies of the test results are not clear. What does Faisal do? 

He gets MyLifeID, has his records added to the system and then selects the language of the country he wants to travel to. The records are translated and then digitally transmitted to the hospital where they can be reviewed. He also provides temporary access to those records via the MyLifeID website so the doctors at the hospital can review everything and set up Faisal’s appointments before he even steps on a plane. 

Unfortunately, Faisal’s friend Abu didn’t know about MyLifeID. Although traveled to the same hospital, his medical history and test results that he sent were illegible. Before he could see the doctor, he had to pay nearly $5,000 for tests that his insurance wouldn’t over. He had to wait 3 weeks for lab results, a doctor’s review and an opening in the doctor’s schedule, which cost Abu over $15,000 just to wait for his appointment. Lucky Faisal knew about MyLifeID.

Mary Beth is a retired widow in Florida and just heard she needs to evacuate. Because of a hurricane. She packs her bags and grabs all her medications. She travels hundreds of miles with everyone else leaving Florida and isn’t sure where she will end up. When she arrives at a motel, she reaches for her pills and finds one bottle missing. What will Mary Beth do? Luckily, Mary Beth has her MyLifeID and goes to the local pharmacy where they quickly refill her prescription.

Meanwhile others are upset and frustrated as their prescriptions can’t be filled because their health system back in Florida requires the internet and it’s not accessible due to the storm. Now they need to go to a hospital or clinic and pay for a visit to get a prescription before they can get the medications they need.

Reuben and Marco have stayed close to home, social distanced and worn masks for more than a year. Now that things have settled down, they decide it’s time to take a brothers’ trip to go golfing. While entering Scotland, there is a health threat, and all incoming passengers need to be quarantined and tested. Marco had his MyLifeID with all his medical records and was allowed out of quarantine since he had proof of his vaccinations. Rueben is in line waiting to be tested while Marco tees off from the course.  Which brother do you want to be?

Johnny was playing on the monkey bars and slipped, smacking his head against one of the bars. The school nurse has Johnny in her infirmary and wants to apply treatment but has no access to his medical records. She calls Johnny’s mom who immediately sends an access link to the school nurse who can start treating Johnny while mom drives to the school. When mom takes Johnny to the doctor, he also has an access link and can see what the nurse did just minutes earlier so he is up to speed and Johnny can be healed and get back to the monkey bars faster.

Amy was diagnosed with an uncommon condition and is referred out of network to a specialist for treatment. She calls and calls trying to get her records to the specialist who won’t schedule her appointment until her medical records are there. While waiting for all of this to happen, Amy is in pain and her condition is getting worse. What can Amy do? 

She gets MyLifeID. Now she can send an access link to her specialist and schedule an appointment the next day. She gets her treatment much faster and feels better so she can return to work!

George was in a bad accident and now has several doctors and specialists. She keeps making copies of doctor visits and mail them to the other doctors, so they are all up to date on her condition. What a waste of time and money. George just bought the MyLifeID and gave her doctors access to look at her files whenever they are automatically notified of an update. Now George has more time to spend with her family and the peace of mind knowing all her doctors are always informed.

If you have a disability or medical condition that requires that you see several doctors, ensuring they have the most up-to-date information can be a full-time job. You have enough on your plate trying to recover from injuries or live a normal life. MyLifeID can help you have one less thing to worry about.

Jack has had back issues since he was injured playing sports in college. He’s now in his mid-40’s and is seeing a doctor. The doctor wants a complete history of the treatments Jack has had, but he doesn’t have his records. He tries to remember his old doctors, operations and therapies but doesn’t remember them all. Now Jack has to get a whole bunch of tests redone and spend money for those duplicate tests. Jack’s brother Joe has similar issues but hands the doctor his MyLifeID Pocket Cloud™. Unlike Medicare and some medical systems which only keep records for four years, MyLifeID has the capacity to hold decades of data. Joe is happy as he was treated right away.

Denise enjoys her job but isn’t feeling so well. She doesn’t want miss work, so starts a telemedical call. The person on the other end asks her questions but doesn’t have access to her health record through the telemedical system. Denise plugs in her MyLifeID and shares her screen so the doctor can see her whole medical history. Based on her history and current symptoms, he can more accurately can diagnose and start a treatment with confidence and Denise can stay at work being productive and earning her paycheck.

Ahmad worked hard in school and now attends college in London. His mates take him out to try cider, but he has a bad reaction. They rush him to the campus infirmary, but the medical staff doesn’t have his medical records. Luckily, Hamid has the MyLifeID, and his medical records are on it and in multiple languages. The school infirmary identifies his allergy and treats him immediately. Ahmad now drinks only non-alcoholic beverages.

College athletes often travel for matches and tournaments. If they are injured, they have access to treatment almost immediately. However, they may not remember the injuries, medications, or issues they have had in the past. With MyLifeID, they don’t have to rely on their memory. Doctor annotated records are available immediately and allow the staff to treat the student quickly and with accuracy.

Kiran has a heart condition and takes nitroglycerin.  While out for his daily walk, he has an episode and collapses to the ground. A bystander sees him fall and calls for an ambulance. The EMT’s work on him and pull his license to see if there is any key data they need. Next to his license is his MyLifeID which the EMT’s plug in and see his ICE information.

Immediately they change his treatment to align with his condition, contact the hospital with additional info and reach out to his alternate contact. By having the critical data available, Kiran can give paramedics the additional info they need to better treat him even though Kiran couldn’t speak for himself.

Cliff and his wife are traveling to another country with their kids. That country wants proof of vaccination for everyone in the family for COVID and other diseases such as Measles, TB, and Influenza. Being an experienced traveler, Cliff knew he would need this and signed up for a MyLifeID family account. Before he even left home, he electronically delivered copies of his vaccine records for his whole family to all the authorities and vendors who needed this information, government, airline, hotel, and tour guides. When Cliff arrived at customs, he was waived through with his family while everyone else waited in line with sheets of wrinkled, stained, and folded papers and chipped cards trying to provide proof. With MyLifeID he saved time and could continue his travel hassle-free.


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