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“The little card that gives big peace of mind”

Let’s face it, no truck driver can be their own safety net. You will have to rely on strangers who don’t know anything about you when you experience a medical emergency. They are trusting that what they are doing will benefit you based on your ability to provide clear, accurate, and complete information. If you are able to tell them anything, at all. That’s when The Pocket Cloud steps in. It contains your emergency contact information, medications you take, allergies, inoculations, and other information that first responders, doctors, or other medical professionals need. According to Johns Hopkins research medical errors cause 250,000 deaths every year in the United States alone. 

When you’re on the road and an accident or illness occurs, time isn’t on your side. You have deadlines to make and money to earn. Scheduling an appointment and seeing a doctor who doesn’t know any thing about you isn’t something you want to do. If you have to see a new doctor the best way for him to get to know you is by providing him or her with your medical records. Your medical records make it possible for the doctor to treat you accurately and quickly so you can get treated and be on your way.  For example:

You’re driving from Atlanta to Las Vegas. As you cross into Texas, you start feeling ill and call home to tell your spouse.  Knowing you don’t want to go to a doctor and incur downtime, your spouse calls a doctor in the next town you will drive through and sends the doctor a link to your MyLifeID records and tells you to get your you know what to the doctor. You walk in and get seen quickly, pick up medicine, feel better and are speeding your way to your destination with minimal downtime. All because of the MyLifeID and its capabilities.

Medical emergencies happen, anytime, anywhere.  Whether you’re in the truck stop, the diner, or fishing on your day off.  If you go down, your medical records are in your billfold thanks to MyLifeID.  Ambulances are required to have a USB-capable device.  If you aren’t able to communicate with emergency personnel, your MyLifeID will.

Features and Benefits

  • Have all your medical, health, fitness and nutrition records in one easy to carry, secure accessible location as well as insurance, titles, other important documents. 
  • MyLifeID meets all privacy standards for HIPAA, ADA, GINA, GDPR, IPA, CCPA and more.
  • MyLifeID secures your record with the most advanced and proprietary security on the market. Generic USB devices can be easily copied, giving hackers unlimited time to access your data. MyLifeID has copy-inhibiting software and a self-destroy method, which reduces the risk of data theft.
  • Unlike other solutions, that leave it up to you to protect your data, MyLifeID has a multi-tiered level of security. It protects your information, is less susceptible to ransomware, and is retrievable even if your computer breaks, operating system corrupts, or you get a virus.
  • Enable others such as your spouse to review and maintain your health information while you are on the road.
  • The ability for these records to be available in multiple languages means you are good to go even if you are an international driver.
  • Avoid duplicate or unnecessary tests by having up-to-date test results, copies of lab results, prescriptions and other information readily available.
  • With the Pocket Cloud you can have your health information with you regardless of where you are, even without an internet connection.

MyLifeID is a valuable asset, keeping you healthier and reducing your downtime. We offer our solution in 3 tiers. Enroll Today!