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Having your health information empowers you to seek health treatment for any reason under any scenario from whomever you want even in other countries as your records can be translated into multiple languages. This solution is delivered with options for online, offline portable or both methods. The MyLifeID Pocket Cloud is a fully-encrypted, virtually indestructible portable storage device specifically created to carry your most sensitive health and medical data. Designed for convenience and ease-of-use, it is the size of a credit card. Its slim profile enables it to fit in your wallet behind your driver’s license so that you and first responders can retrieve it quickly in case of an emergency.

Popular Travel Benefits Include:

  • Great Pricing
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • A reputable network of providers, suppliers and vendors
  • Over 1 million lodging options
  • Nearly every car rental company
  • Private tour guides
  • Validated medical providers
  • End-to-end itineraries
  • Meal options

MyLifeID was originally created for people who travel and has its own full service travel agency. Our staff has been booking travel for people around the globe for over 20 years. MyLifeID provides travel services using only service providers who have been verified. The verification process includes validating the business, its legal compliance with its respective government regulations, reputation, licensing and other variables.  

We have specific experience booking travel for people with disabilities and can help our travelers with equipment services such as:

  • Wheelchair parts
  • Hearing aid battery replacement
  • Cane splits/damages
  • Oxygen tank extra or replacement

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Benefits are designed to provide travel services for Medical and Leisure purposes around the globe. Services offered under this benefit include:

  • Hospitals, clinics, doctors and recovery centers
  • Medical transports, ambulance and pharmacy access
  • Hotel, home rental and lodging options 
  • Ocean and river cruises, yacht rentals 
  • Transfers including bus, rail, taxi, limo, shuttle and ferry
  • Commercial, private jet and charter airfare
  • Day-tours, activities, events, spa and other day trips
  • Escorted, private and guided multi-day tours
  • Sporting activities, events, competitions, Olympics, etc.
  • Translators, private guides and personal shoppers
  • Passport, visa and currency exchange
  • Travel Insurance

MyLifeID’s Travel benefits are unlike any other travel program because we are unlimited in the service we can offer, provide value as well as price benefits, have almost no geographic limitations, do not require high membership or booking fees and facilitate your travel at an affordable price with white glove service. We arrange more than a typical travel program and have an international network of providers, suppliers and vendors that know how to turn your trip into a fabulous experience. At MyLifeID, we don’t just take care of your travel, we take care of you as a traveler.

This program is not based on the health of each person

  • No risk/health assessments required
  • Costs are not based on participant health risks
  • No pre-existing condition exemptions
  • No age restrictions​

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