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Is there anything better than knowing you’re finally going on vacation? The butterflies start and anticipation builds. Whether it’s a few states away, or halfway around the world, planning your next adventure begins now! 

What Do I Need to Know About Before I Travel?

If you haven’t traveled since 2020 (and even if you have), you’ll find a lot has changed this year, worldwide. Regulatory authorities in nearly every country have the right to detain, isolate, quarantine, or expel travelers passing through their borders at will. You might face an automatic $5,000 fee if you cannot prove your health compliance with certain countries’ regulations. This makes it imperative that you have the documentation to prove your health status.

How Do I Avoid Being Quarantined at the Airport?

Each situation is different, but there are several steps you can take that may help you avoid being detained and quarantined at the airport when you’re going on vacation.

Even before COVID, countries had practices for preventing entry of “high-risk” travelers who suffered from a variety of conditions such as SARS, MERS, Tuberculosis, and Measles or who had not had proper vaccinations.

Until recently, this practice of checking travelers for these health risks was based more on a trust that people would voluntarily share their health information through the use of health declarations. The recent events related to COVID-19 exploited this trust. Many countries, travel vendors, and businesses realized that a better way to screen people is necessary.

In most cases, if you don’t have proof of vaccination, you will wait in an area with hundreds of other people while you are all tested, potentially exposing you to illness.

Don’t you want to travel safer and with less risk of exposure to illness?

What is a Digital Health Passport?

A digital health passport is digital documentation that shows immunization status. Its key function is to provide documented proof of your immunization history. A digital health passport, also known as a digital vaccine passport, enables authorities to validate your medical history.

Currently, hard copy (physical) documents are typically disease-specific. They prove you complied for one disease but not all the others. To really be useful travelers need one for COVID-19, one for Measles, one for typhoid, etc., etc., etc. and as health scenarios change, you may need to renew each one at different times, and get new ones or vaccinations of a different type. What a headache! MyLifeID Digital Health Passport alleviates these headaches.

What is the MyLifeID Digital Health Passport?

MyLifeID Digital Health Passport™ solves the issue of health compliance proof through the use of its MyLifeID DHP™ mobile app and API.  They can provide proof of a person’s health history and as a method of providing necessary documentation of compliance such as COVID tests results, vaccination records and much more.

What is the Benefit of a Digital Health Passport?

A digital health passport means that your health data is more complete, verified, and recent. Having the MyLifeID DHP can reduce delays due to health checks by hours or days depending on where you are in the world.

Points of Entry, such as rail and bus stations rarely have suitable infrastructure, which can lead to errors in screening, false positives, and unnecessary quarantines. MyLifeID provides valid, verifiable health data, and an added level of protection as a feature of its MyLifeID DHP solution.

The MyLifeID digital health passport has a complete audit trail. Authorities can validate compliance, providing you with peace of mind and confidence to travel where you want to go.

Upgrade to a Full MyLifeID DHP Account

Become a MyLifeID DHP member for only $19.95 per year and unlock a new feature in the mobile app. Now you can:

Use the MyLifeID Digital Health Passport when you’re going on vacation to determine the actions you need to do to be compliant and prepared for where you travel.

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