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Want to earn money while helping people? Become an affiliate of MyLifeID.

MyLifeID pays you 10% of each monthly subscription fee paid by a person you referred to the site who subscribes from your referral for the lifetime of that subscription.

MyLifeID’s affiliate program attributes a referral to you for up to 6-months from the time they first arrive at this site.

Yes, you can sign up people to become affiliates under you, so you get commissions on their sales too!

If you are a registered affiliate and you sign up someone else to be an affiliate, you receive 2% of their sales for a s long as their referral pays their subscription fee.

MyLifeID pays out commissions by the 10th of each month for anything earned from the prior month as long as you have earned at least $10. If you have earned less than $10, your balance rolls over until your earnings exceed $10.

MyLifeID provides you with approved banners, graphics, content videos, writeups and blog content. You can also create your own, but you must submit it to partners at MyLifeID for approval before you use it.

When you register as an affiliate you will have a dashboard where you can see the sales you made, the sales your affiliates made and how much your next commission will be. You can also see an history of payments MyLifeID has already made to you.

MyLifeID pays out commissions via Stripe.

No, you have no minimum quota of sales that you need to perform in order to receive commissions. As long as you have earned over $10, you will receive your commissions.

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